Beach Adventures: Discovering Coastal Treasures Through Summer Train Journeys

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29 Aug 20236 min read

When the sun casts its golden glow and the waves gently kiss the shore, it's the perfect time to embark on a beach adventure along the stunning coastlines of the United Kingdom. Unveil the magic of hidden gems and lesser-known coastal spots that are easily accessible by train. Let's explore some of the UK's most enchanting beach destinations for your summer escape.

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1. Whitstable Beach, Kent: A Seaside Gem

Trains to Whitstable
Whitstable Bay |
Image credit: Dan Senior | Unsplash

Nestled along the Kentish coast, Whitstable offers a charming escape with its shingle beaches, colorful beach huts, and fresh seafood. Board a train from London and enjoy a scenic journey to this quaint town. The nearest train station is Whitstable itself, ensuring you're steps away from the serene coastline. Stroll along the beachfront, explore the town's independent boutiques, and indulge in the famous Whitstable oysters.

  • Type of Beach: Shingle and sand mix
  • Nearest Town: Whitstable
  • Lifeguard Service: Yes, during peak season
  • Dogs Friendly Beach: Partial restrictions in place
  • Activities: Swimming, watersports, beach walks
  • Water Quality: Excellent (Blue Flag status)
  • Facilities: Toilets, cafes, shops, parking
  • Nearby: Pubs, Beach Huts
  • Postcode: CT5 1DB
  • Travel Tip: Take a scenic train ride to Whitstable station for a hassle-free journey.
  • Beach Tip: Bring water shoes for the shingle areas and a windbreaker for breezy days.

2. Bournemouth Beach, Dorset: Vibrant and Varied

Trains to Bournemouth
Bournemouth Beach |
Image credit: Marcus Loke | Unsplash

Hop on a train to Bournemouth for a dynamic coastal experience. This bustling town boasts seven miles of sandy shores, perfect for beachfront picnics and water activities. The town also offers beautiful gardens, a vibrant pier, and a bustling nightlife, making it a well-rounded destination for all types of travelers. The Bournemouth train station is centrally located, making your beach adventure effortless.

  • Type of Beach: Sandy and spacious
  • Nearest Town: Bournemouth
  • Lifeguard Service: Yes, during peak season
  • Dogs Friendly Beach: Restricted areas
  • Activities: Sunbathing, paddleboarding, volleyball
  • Water Quality: Excellent (Blue Flag status)
  • Facilities: Beach huts, restaurants, play areas
  • Nearby: Pubs, Beach Huts
  • Postcode: BH2 5AA
  • Travel Tip: Consider using the train to Bournemouth for a relaxing travel experience.
  • Beach Tip: Arrive early to secure a prime spot on the spacious sandy shores.

3. Tenby Beach, Wales: A Coastal Jewel

Trains to Tenby
Tenby Beach |
Image credit: Taylor George | Unsplash

Travel to the west of Wales and you'll discover the picturesque town of Tenby. Known for its pastel-hued houses, charming harbor, and pristine beaches, Tenby is a hidden treasure waiting to be explored. Take a leisurely stroll along Castle Beach, explore the historic town walls, and soak in the serene coastal atmosphere. The nearest station, Tenby Railway Station, welcomes you to a picturesque coastline and sandy shores.

  • Type of Beach: Golden sandy shores
  • Nearest Town: Tenby
  • Lifeguard Service: Yes, during peak season
  • Dogs Friendly Beach: Restricted areas
  • Activities: Sandcastle building, boat trips, exploring
  • Water Quality: Excellent (Blue Flag status)
  • Facilities: Toilets, cafes, shops
  • Nearby: Pubs, Beach Huts
  • Postcode: SA70 7EG
  • Travel Tip: Travel by train to Tenby station and enjoy breathtaking coastal views along the way.
  • Beach Tip: Explore the rock pools during low tide for a fascinating marine life encounter.

4. Sandsend Beach, North Yorkshire: Tranquility Personified

Trains to Whitby
Sandsend Beach|
Image credit: Phil Hearing | Unsplash

Escape to the quieter side of the Yorkshire coast with a trip to Sandsend. Situated approximately 1.8 miles from Whitby, Sandsend is conveniently reachable by a straightforward walk. The average walker can complete the journey in no more than 40 minutes (one way). Moreover, there's a frequent bus service that includes stops in Sandsend, connecting Middlesbrough and Whitby. You can catch the X4 or X4A buses, which provide routes from places like Whitby, Skinningrove, Saltburn, Redcar, and Middlesbrough, among others.
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Sandsend offers a serene beach experience with its sandy expanses and dramatic cliffs. It's the ideal spot for a peaceful beach day, beachcombing, and exploring the nearby fishing village. Whitby Railway Station will get you close to this serene coastal paradise.

  • Type of Beach: Sandy with rocky areas
  • Nearest Town: Whitby
  • Lifeguard Service: Limited, during peak season
  • Dogs Friendly Beach: Yes
  • Activities: Beachcombing, fossil hunting, surfing
  • Water Quality: Good
  • Facilities: Cafes, toilets, parking
  • Nearby: Pubs, Beach Huts
  • Postcode: YO21 3SU
  • Travel Tip: Catch a train to Whitby and enjoy the picturesque coastal journey.
  • Beach Tip: Pack a picnic and enjoy a meal with a view from the rocky shore.

5. Southwold Beach, Suffolk: Quaint Seaside Charm

Trains to Southwold
Southwold Beach | Image credit: David Jones | Unsplash

Embark on a train journey to Suffolk's Southwold, where Victorian elegance meets the sea. With its iconic beach huts, colorful pier, and charming town center, Southwold is a beach lover's paradise. Enjoy a leisurely walk along the promenade, sample local seafood, and visit the town's Adnams Brewery. Arriving at Darsham or Halesworth Railway Station, you're in for a treat of Victorian elegance and stunning vistas.
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  • Type of Beach: Sandy and picturesque
  • Nearest Town: Southwold
  • Lifeguard Service: Limited, during peak season
  • Dogs Friendly Beach: Yes
  • Activities: Pier attractions, beach huts, crabbing
  • Water Quality: Excellent (Blue Flag status)
  • Facilities: Toilets, beach huts, shops
  • Nearby: Pubs, Beach Huts
  • Postcode: IP18 6BN
  • Travel Tip: Take the train to Southwold to avoid parking hassles and enjoy the scenery.
  • Beach Tip: Don't miss the famous colorful beach huts, perfect for beachfront relaxation.

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6. Portpatrick Beach, Scotland: Coastal Beauty

Trains to Portpatrick
Portpatrick |
Image credit: Susanne Neumaan | Getty Images

Venture to Scotland's southwest coast and uncover the coastal beauty of Portpatrick, accessible via Stranraer Railway Station. This quaint village boasts stunning sea views, rugged cliffs, and a serene harbor. The dramatic coastline makes it an ideal spot for coastal walks, birdwatching, and capturing breathtaking sunsets. Let the coastal whispers guide you to tranquility.

  • Type of Beach: Harbour - Rocky and rugged
  • Nearest Town: Portpatrick
  • Lifeguard Service: No
  • Dogs Friendly Beach: Yes
  • Activities: Rockpool exploring, coastal walks
  • Water Quality: Good
  • Facilities: Nearby amenities in Portpatrick
  • Nearby: Pubs
  • Postcode: DG9 8JR
  • Travel Tip: Travel to Stranraer by train and then take a short bus ride to Portpatrick.
  • Beach Tip: Explore the rugged coastline and admire the unique rock formations.

7. Porthcawl, Wales: Surf and Sun

Train to Wales
Porthcawl | Image credit: photoguru81 | Getty Images

For those seeking a blend of sun and surf, Porthcawl in Wales is a fantastic choice. This vibrant seaside town offers sandy beaches, a bustling promenade, and excellent water sports opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned surfer or a beginner, Porthcawl's waves provide the perfect playground. Catch a train to Bridgend Railway Station and let the surf embrace you.

  • Type of Beach: Sandy and expansive
  • Nearest Town: Porthcawl
  • Lifeguard Service: Yes, during peak season
  • Dogs Friendly Beach: Restricted areas
  • Activities: Surfing, kite flying, sandcastle building
  • Water Quality: Excellent (Blue Flag status)
  • Facilities: Toilets, cafes, shops, parking
  • Travel Tip: Opt for a train journey to Pyle and then take a short bus ride to Porthcawl.
  • Beach Tip: Bring your kite for some high-flying fun in the coastal breeze.

Top Tips:

  • Sun Safety: Pack sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun's rays.
  • Stay Hydrated: Carry plenty of water to stay refreshed throughout your beach day.
  • Environmentally Aware: Respect the beach environment by picking up your trash and avoiding disturbing wildlife.
  • Tides and Timing: Check the tide schedule and plan your beach activities accordingly.
  • Comfort is Key: Bring a comfortable beach chair or mat for relaxation on the sand.

This summer, let the rhythmic sounds of the waves and the salty breeze guide you on a coastal train adventure. Trainsplit makes it easy to plan your beach getaway, allowing you to reach these hidden gems without breaking the bank. So, pack your beach bag, hop on a train, and let the coastal magic unfold before you.

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