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Are you ready to redefine the way you experience train travel? Look no further than TrainSplit, the trailblazers in revolutionising your journey with unprecedented savings. Since our establishment in 2014, we've been dedicated to unlocking extraordinary discounts through our innovative approach to split ticketing, making us the go-to platform for cheap train tickets.

Discover the Magic of Split Tickets with TrainSplit's Cutting-Edge Algorithm

At TrainSplit, we've transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary with the concept of split ticketing. No longer confined to traditional methods, our advanced algorithm goes beyond merely finding split tickets. It unveils alternative routes exclusive to TrainSplit, providing you with unparalleled opportunities for savings that set us apart from the rest.



Unlock Unprecedented Savings with Split Tickets at TrainSplit - Revolutionising Train Travel Affordability

Are you ready to redefine your train travel experience by putting hard-earned money back into your pocket? Welcome to TrainSplit, where we've reimagined the very essence of split ticketing, offering you substantial savings on your train travel expenses.

What Exactly are Split Tickets and How Do They Save You Money?

At TrainSplit, we've pioneered the concept of split ticketing, a game-changer in the realm of train travel affordability. This innovative practice involves purchasing separate tickets for distinct segments of your train journey instead of opting for a single "through" ticket. By strategically dividing your journey into multiple tickets, you unlock remarkable savings that would remain elusive when purchasing a single ticket for the entire trip.

The TrainSplit Advantage - More Than Just Savings

Our cutting-edge algorithm takes the hassle out of finding the best split tickets for train journeys across the UK. But we don't stop there – we go beyond the ordinary journey planners by revealing alternative routes exclusive to TrainSplit. These routes are hidden gems, not accessible through other platforms, offering you unique opportunities to save money on your train travel.

Effortless Savings, Seamless Journey

Be prepared to be astonished at the magnitude of your savings when booking split tickets. While you may find yourself with a few more tickets to carry, the incredible savings make it all worthwhile. In many cases, you won't even need to disembark the train, ensuring a smooth and seamless travel experience.

Accessible Savings Across the National Rail Network

The beauty of split ticketing lies in its widespread applicability. Savings are not confined to specific rail journeys or operators; rather, they are available on most routes across the National Rail network. The anomalies in split ticketing arise from the intricate pricing structure of UK rail fares. Factors such as routes, train companies, journey duration, and ticket types (Advance, Peak, and Off Peak) all play a role in determining rail fare prices.

Don't let the opportunity to save slip through your fingers. Utilise our user-friendly journey planner to effortlessly find and book split tickets for your train journey. Join the savvy travellers who are already reaping the benefits of split ticketing and start saving today!

At TrainSplit, we're not just changing the way you travel; we're changing the way you save. Experience unparalleled affordability with split tickets - book your journey today!

Split Ticketing

Unlock Remarkable Savings with TrainSplit - The Art of Ticket Splitting

Ever wondered how you can transform your train travel from a costly affair to a budget-friendly adventure? TrainSplit has the answer, and it lies in the ingenious practice of ticket splitting. Let's delve into the mechanics of how ticket splitting works and the incredible savings it can offer.

The Essence of Ticket Splitting - From A to D with Strategic Stops in Between

Imagine needing to travel from point A to D, and instead of purchasing a single ticket, TrainSplit identifies strategic stops along the way, allowing you to acquire tickets for each leg of the journey. In simpler terms, you end up with tickets from A to B, B to C, and C to D. The beauty of this process lies in the fact that the train makes scheduled calls or stops at these stations, eliminating the need for you to change trains.

A Practical Example - London to Manchester Journey

Let's take the classic London to Manchester journey as an example. Our sophisticated journey planner at TrainSplit works its magic and identifies a strategic split at Milton Keynes and Stoke on Trent. What does this mean for you? It translates into a seamless journey with tickets covering London Euston to Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes to Stoke On Trent, and Stoke On Trent to Manchester Piccadilly - all on the same train. The remarkable aspect? No need to disembark or change trains at these stations.

Whatare Splittickets

Reducing Costs, Maximising Convenience - The TrainSplit Advantage

By opting for split tickets, you're not just enhancing your travel experience; you're strategically reducing the overall cost of your train journey. The financial benefit emerges as it proves more economical to purchase individual tickets for each segment of your route rather than a single, comprehensive ticket.

At TrainSplit, we've turned the conventional approach to train travel on its head. Join us in exploring the world of ticket splitting, where savings and convenience seamlessly intersect.

Transform your journey, elevate your savings - TrainSplit is your ticket to affordable and efficient train travel! 

Legal, Legit, and Liberating - TrainSplit's Commitment to Your Confidence

Concerned about the legality of split ticketing? Worry not! TrainSplit operates within the bounds of Condition 14 of the National Rail Conditions of Travel, ensuring not just legality but complete accreditation for our service. And the best part? We pride ourselves on a no-booking-fee policy, amplifying your savings without any hidden costs.

Legal Assurance under Condition 14

At TrainSplit, we adhere to the stringent guidelines outlined in Condition 14 of the National Rail Conditions of Travel. This legal foundation ensures that every aspect of our split ticketing service is in compliance with industry standards, offering you peace of mind as you embark on your savings journey.

No Booking Fees - Your Savings, Our Priority

Booking fees? Not on our watch! TrainSplit stands apart by guaranteeing a booking-fee-free experience. Your hard-earned savings deserve to remain intact as much as possible, and we're committed to being completely up-front about our prices. No hidden charges, no surprises – just straightforward, transparent savings with a clear pricing model where you are only charged a small percentage if we secure you a split ticketing saving.

On-the-Day Savings with Split Ticketing

Even if spontaneity leads you to book rail tickets on the day of travel, split ticketing can still be your knight in shining armor. If your journey involves multiple stops, a few extra tickets can translate into substantial savings. On average, you can pocket an additional 30% off on over 70% of journeys by simply carrying a few extra tickets. It's a small effort for significant financial gain.

Join TrainSplit in the legal and booking-fee-free realm of split ticketing, where your savings take center stage, and worry becomes a thing of the past. Embark on your journey with confidence, knowing that legality, transparency, and savings are the cornerstones of our service.


Unlocking Savings Made Effortless: How to Split Your Ticket with TrainSplit

Curious about the seamless process of splitting your tickets with TrainSplit? Let us demystify the journey for you.

User-Friendly Journey Planning

Using TrainSplit is a breeze. Our advanced journey planner takes the reins, simplifying the entire process. Just share with us your travel details – where and when you plan to embark on your journey – and let the magic unfold. Whether you're eyeing return journeys or singles, our algorithm kicks in, automatically presenting you with options like Fastest, Cheapest, or Best Value to cater to your preferences. And for those with a railcard, maximise your savings effortlessly.

Effortless Algorithm, Detailed Confirmation

Our clever algorithm is your travel companion, capable of uncovering multiple splits within a train journey. The detailed confirmation email serves as your guide, outlining precisely where and when you need to change trains or if staying onboard is the way to go as your tickets split. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the intricacies – we've got your journey covered.

All Ticket Types Covered

Whether it's Advance or flexible tickets, TrainSplit opens the door to savings across all ticket types. The journey planner might even surprise you with a first-class fare on part of your journey if it proves more cost-effective than a standard ticket. Rest assured, our unparalleled journey planner identifies the optimal splitting points and automatically books the correct combination of split tickets for you. Say goodbye to the worry of making mistakes that could lead to costly penalty fares.

Station Ticket Office Assistance

While our platform is designed for simplicity, we acknowledge the complexity of the rail network. The ticket office at the station may offer assistance in splitting your train tickets, although they are not obliged to do so. It's worth noting that the staff may not always be aware of the best combination of tickets. With TrainSplit, you can navigate this intricate landscape confidently.

Embark on Savings with TrainSplit

Don't let incredible savings slip through your fingers. Begin your journey with TrainSplit today and immerse yourself in the benefits of our cost-saving solutions. Join the legion of satisfied passengers who have already transformed their train travel experience, one split ticket at a time. Let your journey with TrainSplit be a testament to effortless savings and travel satisfaction

Cheap Split Train Tickets

Book with TrainSplit - Why Choose Us for Cheap Train Tickets?

TrainSplit is the main split ticketing site and it is free to use -  we don't charge a booking fee!
Our journey planner is more advanced as we are able to find cheap alternative journeys (slower than other routes but at a cheaper rate) not found on other sites. 

Will I sit in the same seat if I book split train tickets?

The nature of split tickets means that we will be booking different tickets for different legs of the journey so there is a chance that you may be allocated seats in a different part of the train for different sections of the trip. We’ll do our best to avoid this but, provided you’re not sitting somewhere that has been reserved for somebody else, there’s no need to leave the comfort of your seat for the duration of the journey and you certainly don’t have to get on and off the train at the splitting points. Rather than playing musical chairs, it might be worth disregarding the allocated reservation and sit in an unreserved seat. Technically the guard may ask you to move to the seat that’s reserved for you but in practice this rarely happens. Alternatively the ticket office at the station may be able to offer a through reservation provided you produce a valid combination of tickets for the whole journey.

Split Ticketing Top Tips - How to book Cheap Train Tickets

#1 Book your tickets in Advance

The trick to saving money on train tickets is to book them as early as you can. Cheap tickets, also known as Advance fares, are fixed time fares and usually cheaper than flexible tickets. Advance cheap train tickets are released up to 12 weeks prior to travel however it could sometimes take longer so be sure to keep an eye out for them. Train companies release a limited number of cheap Advance tickets so the prices will naturally increase once they're gone. If you're willing to travel at the time you have selected, then it is always best to book Advance fares because you will be saving money by booking cheap train tickets for your rail journey.

#2 Don't forget to apply your Railcard discount for additional savings

If you are a regular train traveller then consider getting a railcard as it takes a third off your rail fares. There are different types of railcards available to suit various age groups such as the 16-25 Railcard, 26-30 Railcard, Two Together Railcard, Family Railcard, Senior Railcard. Apply your railcard discount to your split ticket journey and you'll be saving money on your rail journey in no time!

#3 Have time to spare? Look out for cheap alternative journey options

If you don't mind a slightly longer train ride or departing / arriving at a less busy station and you're someone who loves banking in cheap tickets then be on the look out for alternative journeys. The journey may take a bit longer but the tickets are significantly cheaper.

Save money by travelling on alternative routes is absolutely possible for journeys between the West Country and London. You can book cheaper slower journeys between Bath or Exeter and London by travelling to/from Waterloo rather than Paddington or perhaps mix and match a faster journey to/from Paddington with a slower return journey to/from Waterloo.

#4 Say NO to booking fees

Some sites charge a booking fee just for using them. Trainline for example, charges up to £1.75 booking fee on their site. Unlike other retailers, TrainSplit don't charge a booking fee.

If a split ticketing saving is found a small percentage of the saving is charged so we can continue to maintain and further develop the site for a seamless user experience, but in all instances this will work out cheaper than the "through fare" ticket from your origin to your destination (without any splits). If there is no saving by splitting the fare, no fees are charged.

Beware: Not all retailers offer the same great-value splits or best-in-class customer service. Pick an experienced retailer that will have your back if anything goes wrong, and knows how to save you the most money. We compare a variety of other retailers who have started to try and imitate TrainSplit's unique algorithm in our FAQ.

#5 Avoid Peak travel time

Peak travel time are usually busier with more expensive peak time fares. Ditch the rush hour stampede and travel off peak for cheaper train fares on quieter services. Off Peak travel times defer depending on the journey, they usually begin at 09:30 Mondays to Fridays in cities and large towns, and 09:00 across the rest of the rail network. There's no peak restrictions during weekends and Bank Holidays.

#6 Book split tickets

Stop buying tickets from the machines at the station or on major sites because you're likely to be paying more than you need to. If you're looking to slash the cost of rail travel then Split Ticketing is the way forward. Whilst it may be possible to get split tickets from the booking office, staff at train stations are not obliged to sell them and do not have TrainSplit's split ticketing algorithm that would enable them to find cheap split tickets automatically. They are not available from the ticket machines at the station either.

Split tickets helps you save money especially if you're travelling long distance by booking multiple train tickets along the journey rather than just the one. TrainSplit is capable of searching for bigger and better splits, finding savings on over 70% of journeys. Our journey planner does the hard work for you so you don't have to!

#7 Book rail tickets as a group and save up to 34%

Groupsave is a discount that is applied on Off Peak or Super Off Peak fares in standard accommodation and saves you up to 34% when you travel as a group of 3 - 9 adults. If you're travelling with children aged 5 -15, you may want to book them separately so that the adult travellers benefit from this fantastic saving.

Groupsave isn't a railcard so there's nothing extra you need to carry apart from your train tickets. For your groupsave tickets to be valid, all passengers booked under the groupsave fare must travel together at the same time. Groupsave discounts are available all day on Bank Holidays and weekends, and during quieter off peak times on weekdays. Additional railcard discounts will not apply on top of your already heavily discounted fares.

#8 Flexibility is key

Tickets may be cheaper on different dates or at different times so do a little browse around before you book. Toggle between the Best Value and Cheap options, hit that Earlier or Later train times button and see what comes up. You may be surprised to find cheaper tickets departing at a different date/ time than you originally planned.

#9 Sign up for fare alerts & newsletters

If you'd like to be the first to hear about any upcoming fares promo or for updates on the release of Advance train tickets, then signing up for ticket alerts or newsletters is a good idea as you will be one of the first to pounce on cheap Advance rail fares when they're released. Train companies and some retailers such as Trainline offer this feature so sign up for ticket alerts with them and then book with TrainSplit once the cheap fares are released so that you avoid paying their booking fee!

#10 Receive compensation for delays

Passenger compensation, more commonly known as Delay Repay, is a national scheme train companies use to compensate rail travellers for unexpected service delays and cancellations.
If you've experienced a disruption of at least 15 minutes or 30 minutes (depending on the train company) resulting in a late arrival at your destination, then you will be entitled to a full or partial compensation amount up to the value of your train tickets. The amount you receive as compensation differs, this is calculated by the train company according the how long you were delayed by and the ticket type, whether you've booked a return or single journey. If you are unsure which train company you travelled with please refer to your itinerary in the confirmation email.

Start saving today! Use our advanced journey planner to find and book the best split tickets for your train journey. Join the thousands of passengers who have already benefited from our cost-saving solutions.

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Start saving today! Use our advanced journey planner to find and book the best split tickets for your train journey. Join the thousands of passengers who have already benefited from our cost-saving solutions.

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